Secure Destruction Services in the Miami Area

Shredding & Medical Waste Management

ShredCo. is the first choice for many companies looking for secure destruction services in the Miami area. We can dispose of documents, electronic media devices, and medical waste.

ShredCo. is locally based and operated by a professional team with experience in securely disposing of confidential or private material. Our goal at ShredCo. is to provide secure destruction services for your business in the Miami area and to meet and exceed your expectations.

Document Destruction

Confidential document disposal is a common practice for many industries, including law, health care, and government institutions. We handle paper destruction for any industry with all privacy laws and protocols in mind. At ShredCo., we guarantee to uphold the personal security of you and your clients.

No matter the amount of paperwork or documents you need destroyed, ShredCo. offers services that fit your needs.

Security & Compliance is our #1 Goal

Hard Drive Shredding and Electronic Media Destruction

If you have ever stored private files on a hard drive, laptop, or any other electronic media storage device, these files are at risk of being retrieved from cyber criminals.

Even if your computer files have been wiped, hackers can use sophisticated techniques to access them and use them for identity thefts and costly data leaks.

Avoid the risks by confidently destroying all your electronic media devices through the hard drive destruction services at ShredCo. We have industrial-grade metal shredders to completely dismantle all electronic hardware and render it useless in the future.

Medical Waste Disposal

Managing the disposal program of medical waste can be tedious and difficult. Let the professionals handle the mess and make sure your organization is following all requirements and regulations.

ShredCo. is a subsidiary of Medical Waste Management, with over a decade of experience in the field. Through our joint venture, we provide medical waste destruction for items such as:

  • Red bag disposal
  • Yellow bag disposal
  • Sharps disposal
  • Other regulated medical waste disposal


For all your secure destruction service needs, get in touch with ShredCo. today. Reach us by phone or by e-mail, which are available on our contact page here.

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